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So you’ve got your CV ready. But before you send it to the recruiter don’t forget your cover letter, and just like your CV this has to stand out as well. Before you send off your application you may want to read through our quick guide below:

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Clearly tailor your letter to match the job specification. Match your own skills and past experience to the job by bullet pointing key responsibilities in the job advert and relating them to the position you are applying for.

Visualise the recruiter having to sift through a pile of covering letters and CV’s. If your letter is clear, well written, formatted and clearly states the position you are applying for then you’ve got a good chance of it being read.

Why are you interested in the role? What attracts you about the company? The recruiter will want to know, so best to include a bit about this in your letter.

Only focus on experience in your letter relevant to the role you are applying for. Your CV will provide further details. Therefore try to keep your letter brief and to the point. A page should suffice for most job applications.

We strongly recommend that you check your covering letter before sending to avoid any spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you don’t accidentally send the letter on your drive that is meant for another placement! It’s always worth asking a friend to double-check your letter as well. 

So that’s a quick insight from CVWOW. There are so many different views on what makes a good covering letter but most recruiters will agree with the above fundamental aspects to consider before applying for the role.

We value all feedback from both applicants and recruiters so feel free to join in the discussion.
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Date: 05/09/2014
Source: CVWOW
Author: Matthew Holley

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