Job boards achieve the most hires in the UK

Job board advertising. Still leading the way in number of hires…

Global recruiting Trends - the 4th annual report, from LinkedIn talent solutions, reveals that job boards produce the highest quantity of hires, even more than company career websites, internal hires and social professional networks.

This trend could be attributed to how easy it is to apply for jobs online, and whilst quantity doesn’t always equal quality, a well-managed application process should still ensure you attract the best suited candidates for your company.

Piggy Bank savings

A strategy for managing the filtering and screening of large quantities of CV’s needs to be in place before placing your advert. However if the original advert is specific to your candidate requirements and is optimised correctly then you should still achieve a good percentage of suitable candidates.

Remember your job advert is the first point of contact for potential employees. In order to attract the level of candidates you require it’s worth considering the following…

Will my job title appear in candidate searches?
Always use industry recognised terminology. For example you may call them a ‘Marketing Activity Manager’ in-house but ‘Marketing Manager’ will get more search results and interest. Plus capitalise the first letter in each word of the job title; ‘Account Manager’ will stand out more than ‘account manager’. Jobseekers often use keywords when searching for roles so you should repeat the job title in your copy several times.

Will my job appear in location searches?
To achieve this you must be specific. Candidates invariably search by actual town or city that they want to work in. It’s also worth researching locations nearby that are commutable from and include them in the copy. Therefore a job in Havant is commutable from Portsmouth, Southampton etc…

Should I include salary in the advert?
This should always be included. If you can’t then be as specific as possible. By stating ‘competitive’ or ’dependent on experience’, you stop a number of your job seekers reading further. Some candidates will not apply for a job unless they know it falls within their target salary expectation and you also risk attracting candidates who would not have applied had they known the salary. In addition, make it clear whether the job is permanent, contract or temporary.

Research shows that the first 50-60 words are what really grabs the candidate’s attention. The opening paragraph should therefore include all the information mentioned above. The advert copy has to be engaging to encourage the candidate to apply. Make the sentences short and snappy. Refer to the candidate as ‘You’. For example; ‘You will be responsible for managing the annual marketing budget’. This helps the candidate to visualise themselves in the role.

CVWOW offer cost effective recruitment packages which include advertising campaigns across the leading UK job boards. Our Account Executives use industry specific keywords and engaging copy to ensure your advert attracts the people that you need.

You can also include your full company branding in your job adverts to raise your organisation’s profile within the online community. Many job boards run national advertising campaigns. This is a great opportunity for extra exposure and to promote your company as an employer of choice.

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Date: 27/01/2015
Source: CVWOW
Author: Matthew Holley

About the author:

Email and Digital Marketing Manager at CVWOW.


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