Four reasons apprenticeships are a great way to attract talent

Leaving school and deciding which path to take can be daunting to say the least. With the lure of the fun filled party years of university pitted against ever-increasing expensive tuition fees, more and more individuals are looking at apprenticeships to learn, earn and get a foot in the door with top employers.

Apprenticeship Recruitment

“Who can blame them!”

  • 2016/17 saw 121,250 people under the age of 19 enrol in an apprenticeship

  • There were 23,000 apprenticeship opportunities per month

  • There were over 1,670 degree apprenticeship starts in 2016 to 2017, including foundation degrees, HNDs and full honours degrees. These include job roles ranging from legal services to banking and engineering.

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Having kick-started my recruitment career via an apprenticeship back in 2011, I can truly see the value it brings, to both employee and employer.  Now, I write this article as the Manager of CVWOW’s award-winning Customer Experience Team and I am a keen advocate of apprenticeship programmes.

Bringing in individuals who have a fresh approach, an enthusiasm for business and a drive to succeed can only mean good things for your business. Here at CVWOW, our apprentices have been instrumental to our company growth and the development of future leaders, like me.

So, what are the benefits of apprenticeships?

Aristotle said.

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing”


Apprenticeship Recruitment

Increased staff retention

Hiring apprentices, means you bring individuals in to your team that are looking for a career they can succeed in.

Aligning your apprentice’s training with the upcoming needs of the business enables you to future-proof your team.

Remember though, apprentices do not always have to be new hires. Offering apprenticeship schemes to existing employees shows your team that they are integral to your business. By investing in their professional development, you can show the team that you truly care about them and their future within your business! 



I am the first to admit that being an apprentice can be challenging at times! Earning a low apprenticeship wage can be tough, especially when the role is challenging. It takes a passionate individual to see beyond this, and it’s that passion and determination to succeed that makes an apprentice a great employee.

An enthusiasm to learn

By embarking on an apprenticeship, your newest employee is already demonstrating that they are keen to learn. Maybe there is a skill set that your team is missing, or one that needs to be developed. Having an enthusiastic new team member on board not only gives you the opportunity to develop this skill set. It often has a knock-on impact on your existing staff, reigniting their passion for the business.

Fresh ideas

With enthusiasm and learning, comes a fresh pair of eyes and potentially fantastic ideas. It’s true, most new employees will bring new ideas to your business. However, a candidate with no prior knowledge of the industry may bring that all important idea that could revolutionise the future of your company.

Apprenticeship Recruitment

Sounds good right?

My small, but perfectly formed team, provide fantastic customer service every day to both clients and candidates. With 75% of that team having come through apprenticeships, it is easy to see that home-grown talent has been key to our success. Something that has been recognised by the numerous awards the team has won for delivering excellence to both clients and candidates.

If you have decided that the time is right to bring apprentices into your business, the CVWOW team will be happy to help you recruit the perfect candidate. 

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Beth Vick
Date: 02/04/2019
Author: Beth Vick

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