How to attract the right talent in 2021

How to attract the right talent in 2021

Organisations find themselves in a problematic situation regarding attracting and recruiting the best talent due to events out of their control. A study conducted by The Open University Business Barometer found that most UK organisations have struggled to find workers who have the necessary skills during the last twelve months. Organisations have had to increase their costs by spending more money on growing salaries, training for candidates hired at a lower level, temporary staffing, and additional recruitment costs. Additionally, the national shortage of skilled workers has changed the recruitment market into a candidate-driven one making it even harder for organisations to get the best talent. However, we will share our expert tips throughout this blog and help you to filter through candidates and attract the best talent. 


Tailor the job description to the candidate that you are looking for

According to the Office for National Statistics, as of August 2021, there were 1,034,000 job vacancies in the UK, which was the highest since records began, resulting in more opportunities than potential candidates. 

The following points will help you tailor the job description to the most suitable candidates:

  • Job Title - When writing the job title, make sure that it's precise and accurately describes the role. An example of this is if you are advertising a position for a marketing assistant, but this role involves sales, then set the job title as 'Marketing and Sales Assistant'.

  • Job Summary - This is where you provide an overview of the position. Most people looking through vacancies already have a job, so it is imperative to use emotionally engaging and active language to help influence the potential candidate in taking the next step, which is to fill out the application and submit it.

  • Responsibilities and Duties - When filling this section out, make sure to describe the day-to-day activities accurately. Potential candidates will be able to identify if they are suitable for the role.

  • Qualifications, Experience, and Skills - This section allows you to set the requirements to match what type of candidate you are looking to hire.

  • Salary and Benefits - Make sure to include a salary range with every job description to ensure candidates know what to expect. Furthermore, list all of the benefits offered to help entice and influence the potential candidates that little be more. A study conducted by Gallup found that Millennials look for specific benefits when applying for jobs. The study found that Millennials want an excellent work-life balance, develop their industry skills, and regular feedback from managers. Millennials also want their managers to adopt a coaching role rather than being just a boss.  

Using Keywords in your job description

When writing out your job vacancy post, make sure it's filled with the right keywords. Use a keyword research tool to help you find phrases or words that potential candidates might use. When you have a list of 3-5 keywords, start adding them throughout the job description, ensuring that top talent will find your job opening.  

Increase your advertising exposure - make use of social media



To attract the best candidates, increase your advertising exposure by utilising social media channels. Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are both brilliant in identifying the best talent. LinkedIn is designed for professionals, and it can help you match your job vacancy with candidates who have the skills, experience, and qualifications required for the role. Also, LinkedIn recently introduced profile photo add-ons such as "we are hiring", which can help you increase the exposure even further. 

One effective way of using Facebook in recruitment is to use Facebook groups. Some of them will be filled with job-seekers and those looking for opportunities. All you have to do is to become a member and start advertising your job opportunities.

Final thoughts

Due to the current circumstances that the world is facing, it might be hard to find the best candidates. However, here at Talent Hub, our team of experts offer a range of services from advert writing, optimisation, CV screening, filtering to building your talent pool. All to help reduce the traditional recruitment costs and help you attract and identify the best candidates who have the relevant skills and experience to take your business to the next level. 

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Date: 05/10/2021