5 questions that will determine if the candidate will fit your company culture

Your company culture is an integral part of your business as it shows your organisation's attitudes and ideals and helps set the foundation for real business growth. Positive company culture can help improve employee happiness, engagement, and retention. Research conducted by Gallup found that teams who are actively engaged can increase their productivity by 17%.

If your company culture looks good from an outside perspective, it can help attract top talent, but it doesn't mean they will be the perfect fit.  

Before starting the recruitment process, we would recommend writing down the characteristics of your company culture and what type of candidate you’d like to join your team. This way you can ensure that during the first interviews you can compare new candidates to your list of priorities. 

Here are our five questions that should be asked when conducting interviews to see if the candidate fits your company culture. 

Question 1 - How would you describe yourself?

By asking the candidate to describe themselves, it allows you to analyse their personality, which you can then compare with other staff members and start to understand if they fit in with your company culture and the role they’re applying for. Additionally, asking the candidate this question will provide you insight into their confidence, self-awareness, demeanour, and if their values match your business.

Question 2 - Can you please tell us about the company culture in your previous job role?

This is a great question to ask as you will assess what type of working environment the candidate has previously worked in and what they thought of it. By comparing your company culture against the candidate's previous job, you can draw comparisons between the two or determine if the two cultures are drastically different, giving you more evidence to make an informed decision.  

Question 3 - What can you tell us about our company culture? 

This question will allow you to understand whether the candidate has taken the time to conduct some background research. You will be able to find out if they have any knowledge about the mission and values of the business and if you do any staff days out. If the candidate fails to answer this question with passion and conviction, then it may mean that they will not fit in with the company culture.  

Question 4 - Do you prefer to work alone or on a team?

Identifying if a candidate is more comfortable working alone or in a team is a great way to see if they are a good fit with your company culture. If your company culture involves teamwork and collaboration to reach business-wide goals, then ideally, the candidate needs to work efficiently in a team. However, this would be the opposite if your company culture revolves around working alone, but there's nothing wrong with a candidate who can demonstrate both.   

Question 5 - Why did you apply for this job role?

An excellent way to assess if the candidate will fit your company culture is to learn the rationale and decision making behind why they have applied for the position. By asking the candidate why they applied for the job, you can indicate whether they share the same values and ethos as the company and if they will get along with your current staff. 

Final thoughts

Employing a candidate who is not compatible with your company culture can lead to disrupted workflow, and increased costs of training new hires. However, asking these five questions can help you filter through interviewees and find the right candidate who matches your company culture and elevates your business. 

A good way of filtering first candidates is to request videos of them responding to a few questions. This will help you to gain prior knowledge of their personality and behaviour, allowing you to see if the candidates are a good fit before inviting them to a formal interview.

It can be a struggle to find suitable candidates that match your company culture. However, at Talent Hub, we create a dedicated pool of candidates where you can search for individuals with desired experience, communicate with them efficiently, request video answers, and ultimately, find candidates who are the perfect fit.

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Date: 10/11/2021