Hiring Dilemma - Who Would You Choose?

Whenever you have a job opening available, it can be challenging to hire the right candidate due to the amount of CV's that you need to look through or simply because you might not have enough candidates to make an informed decision. 

If you end up hiring the wrong candidate, that could result in disrupted workflow and increased costs in hiring and training any potential replacements. But what would you do if you had multiple candidates you would like to hire, but you can only choose one?

Here's your hiring dilemma...

You have been searching through candidates CV's, and you have identified three candidates that you would like to employ, but you can only choose one. Each of the three candidates has a different educational background, and their industry experience varies too. Take a look at the options below and decide who you would hire.

Candidate One: Eric

This first candidate out of the three is Eric. When searching through his CV, you noticed that Eric has two years of industry experience, meaning that he has the valuable skills and knowledge to excel at the role. However, you also noticed that Eric has only been educated to a secondary school level as he went straight into the working world instead of further education. 

Candidate Two: Holly

The second candidate is Holly. She has finished her education by studying A levels and has only six months of relevant industry experience when searching through her CV. However, during those six months, Holly worked for your closest competitor, meaning that she has gained relevant skills and knowledge that she can apply to the role.

Candidate Three: Max

The third and final candidate is Max. He had graduated from University with first-class honours in a subject relevant to the job opening. However, he has no relevant industry experience. To make up for that, in his own time, Max has undertaken and completed various additional courses relevant to the job opening to enhance his knowledge further and to try and bridge the gap against the other candidates. 

Final thoughts

From gaining an understanding of the three candidates, who would you hire? Is experience more important than education, or is a mixture of the two a perfect balance? How about a candidate with no relevant industry experience but is well educated and has taken the time to do additional courses pertinent to the job opening? 

Take part in our poll here and vote for the candidate that in your opinion would be the best hire in your company. Eric, Holly or Max? Remember you can hire only one! Perhaps you’ve already been in this situation before. Have you got any tips that could help other employers make the final decision?

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Date: 07/12/2021