Five proven ways to attract the right talent

Whether your business is a large multinational organisation or a small start-up, your employees will always be one of the most critical assets to your business. However, finding ways to attract and hire the right talent can always be challenging. If you fail to hire the right candidate for your organisation, it can cost employers on average 33% of a worker’s annual salary to hire a replacement.      

Here are five proven ways to help you find and hire the right talent for your organisation.

Create a candidate persona

Before starting any interviews, our first tactic is to create a candidate persona. You don’t just want anyone to apply for the open position. You want the best possible candidates to apply who will elevate your business and take it to the next level. 

When creating your candidate persona, make a note of what core skills, experience, education, qualifications, and hobbies or interests you would like your ideal candidate to have. From creating this, you will be able to tailor your recruiting strategies moving forward. 

Video profiling

Our second tactic is to utilise and implement video profiling early in your recruitment process. Video profiling is used to ask candidates to record a video of themselves answering set questions that have been provided prior to the recording. According to Jobvite, 61% of recruiters expect video interviews to be the default norm.

When reviewing the videos sent back from the candidates, you will be able to analyse their answers and examine their body language, confidence levels, personality, and communication skills, and whether they’re a good fit for your organisation.

Implement tasks

The third tactic is to implement different tasks. Giving out tasks is a great way to test the knowledge and skills of the candidate. The insights that you collect will ultimately help you narrow down the pool of applicants. 

You can ask candidates to complete different tasks to help you better understand their technical skills, personality, communication, creativity, and confidence.

Ask out of the box questions

Most interviews will involve asking candidates similar questions that they have probably been asked before. Some examples are “Tell me about yourself?”, “Why did you apply for this job?” and “What strengths do you have?”. Although these questions might be necessary, they generally result in similar calculated responses that don’t help identifying the strongest candidates. 

By asking unusual questions, the candidates have the opportunity to open and provide insights into what makes them tick. Additionally, by understanding their goals, accomplishments and work ethic you  will be able to understand if they are a good fit for your organisation.

Some out of the box questions that you could ask are “What would you change in your workplace?” and “What book do you recommend our team should read?”. 

Use recruitment platforms

Using recruitment platforms is a great way to maximise your job reach and attract the best candidates through purchasing media and displaying your keyword-friendly job adverts on the correct channels. Some platforms come with the option of inbuilt automated messaging and the availability of video interviews, all to enhance your recruitment performance. Additionally, a ranked CV database allows you to search through and pick out any candidates that catch your eye.

Final thoughts 

By implementing our tactics, your organisation will save time in having to keep on hiring new candidates, save money on recruitment costs, reduce staff turnover, and foster business growth. If you’re looking for advice or support, get in touch with our team. Our experienced account managers can help you with creating job adverts, CV screening, and building a talent pool at a fraction of the recruitment cost.

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Date: 18/01/2022