Five benefits of hiring people with disabilities


Everyone deserves the right to equal employment. There has always been a culture of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding hiring people who have disabilities, as there is an unfair misconception that they will be unskilled employees. According to the UK Government, in 2021, there were over 4.4 million disabled people in a job.

However, in recent years this has started to change thanks to campaigns and organisations, such as Disability Rights UK, helping to spread awareness, change people's mindset and ultimately help people understand hiring new candidates who have disabilities can benefit your business in a number of different ways.

Take a look below to learn the five benefits of hiring people with disabilities.

An untapped pool of potential candidates

With organisations failing to acknowledge talent with disabilities, a large pool of high-quality talent is just sitting there. A study conducted by Disabled World found that in the United Kingdom, there are currently 1.2 million disabled people who want to work. With this large number of available candidates, organisations can discover new talent and enhance their business. 

Diversify your company culture

Hiring new employees who are disabled can help to improve and diversify the culture of your company. Having employees with different life experiences can help your business stay relevant in today's competitive markets by sharing different perspectives. McKinsey & Company conducted a study that found that diverse organisations tend to bring in better results than organisations that aren't diverse. 

Boost company morale

Employees are the heartbeat of every organisation. Without them, your business would simply fail or not be very successful. If the morale of your workforce is low, it could result in poor business performance. However, high morale can lead to employees being more engaged, motivated and enthusiastic. Adding people with disabilities to your workforce can help boost the overall morale of your company. As they have endured hardships and difficulties, employees with disabilities can positively influence the rest of the team, which in turn can help people change their mindsets and be more empathetic. 

Improve employee retention

Losing employees and having to spend time and money finding their replacement can be a complete hassle. However, hiring people with disabilities can help to improve your retention rates. Disabled employees are more likely to stay loyal to your organisation due to you taking a chance on them when others may not have done the same. Additionally, it can be hard for them to find new jobs, so they will stay in a place where they are comfortable and appreciated. 

Increase company reputation

Customers are attracted to organisations that show that they are diverse and offer equal opportunities to anyone regardless of their circumstances. Hiring people with disabilities is no different. The image of your business will be significantly improved, and you will look more attractive to prospective customers. Finally, you will be able to attract the best talent as more people will want to work for you.  

Final thoughts

Hiring new employees who are disabled can bring several benefits to your organisation. If you are looking to hire new candidates but struggling where to start, contact us today. Our team of experts can help build a unique talent pool, write job adverts and screen CVs. 

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Date: 08/02/2022