Tips on how to improve your interview process

Some candidates may find interviews stressful, with a whole host of concerns potentially running through their minds. Interviewees will be eager to impress and show the interviewer that they are the perfect fit for the role. However, this desire to succeed can be overshadowed by fear, anxiety and stress that the day might bring, resulting in poorer interviews and fewer suitable candidates for the role.    

Take a look below to learn tips on improving your interview process, limiting the stress for potential interviewees, and hiring the right talent for the role.

Send the relevant interview details to the applicant

Before conducting any interviews, make sure to send the relevant details about the interview to the applicant before the day of their interview. Due to the inherent stress of interviews, candidates may be preoccupied with issues such as what to wear and how to get to the interview if it is in person.

Information that you should give include:

  • Date and Time

  • Location

  • If the interview is over the phone, let the applicant know what number will be calling them

  • If the interview is online, give details of what software will be needed, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meets

  • Dress code

Show the team

A great way to limit stress for applicants is by showing who they might be working with or who will be conducting the interviews. Showing the team will give the interviewee a sense of familiarity, which will help ease their anxiety.

One way to provide this information is through a video. Create a brief video with the hiring manager talking about what life is like working in the business. Another way to show the team is by providing their LinkedIn pages.

Cover travel costs

With some candidates likely finding the day of an interview already stressful, added pressure could be placed upon them with travel expenses. On average, attending an interview can cost around £58, which may include petrol, clothing, lunch and potential accommodation. 

By offering to cover all or some of the costs, it shows that you value and appreciate their time. Furthermore, this will differentiate you from other businesses.

Explaining the interview process

Whether you are conducting an interview in person, online or over the phone, you should tell the applicant the interview structure.

You should explain:

  • The duration of the interview

  • Who will be a part of the panel

  • If any tests will be involved  

  • If they will be shadowing around the workplace

Explaining to potential candidates how the interview process will be conducted will allow them to alleviate doubts that they may have. Additionally, it will provide them with a realistic expectation of what will happen on the day.   

Final thoughts

It’s normal for some applicants to feel stressed and anxious when arriving to complete an interview. However, implementing the tips given above will help ease these feelings and allow candidates to give a confident interview. This may result in making it easier for you to find the right candidates. 

How can we help?

If you are struggling to manage your recruitment process and find the right talent, we are here to help. At The Talent Hub, our dedicated team can help increase the quality of your candidates, enhance the candidate experience and reduce cost per hire.  

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Date: 13/04/2022