4 ways to look after your employees wellbeing

If a member of your workforce is going through a difficult time at work or home, it can be challenging for them to continue working at the highest standards whilst dealing with any problems they may have. 

Looking after your employees' wellbeing is not only the right thing to do from a moral standpoint, but it can help to improve how your company is perceived by your workforce and any potential customers. 

Here are four ways to look after your employees' wellbeing.

1. Understand your own company culture

Before making a start on improving the wellbeing of your employees, the first action that you should undertake is analysing and understanding your own company culture. Take the time to review the aims and objectives of your company. This will enable you to gain a good understanding of whether you have a good or bad company culture. Additionally, you can begin to make any necessary changes and create a new culture that focuses on the triple bottom line and also one that encourages your employees to feel empowered and motivated.  

2. Provide mental health support

According to Mind, 1 in 6 workers deals with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or stress. Further research conducted by Mind found that 21% of workers have called in sick to avoid work when asked how workplace stress had affected them.

A few ways that you can help provide support on mental health include:

  • Talking openly about mental health to remove any stigma

  • Conducting regular one to one employee checkups

  • Allowing employees to talk about their feelings

  • Providing mental health tool kits

3. Offer flexibility

Offering flexibility in a time of need is another great way of looking after your employees' wellbeing. Being flexible can take many forms, such as compassionate leave. If someone within your workforce believes that issues at home will distract them from work, offering compassionate leave would be the best option. 

Another form of being flexible is by offering remote work. Working from home can help employees carry out their work duties at their own pace whilst also sorting out any issues they may currently be facing. 

4. Recognise your employees

Employees want to feel valued within the workplace, and if they are going through some tough times, a simple "keep up with the great work" can go a long way. But recognition doesn't have to end there. Different ways to show that you recognise your employees' hard work can include:

  • A monthly award

  • Treating them to their favourite food

  • Offering extra time off

  • Giving gift cards

  • Creating an employee recognition program

Research has found that 90% of HR workers believe that an effective recognition and reward programme helps drive business results.

Other benefits of recognising employees include:

  • Improved company culture

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased engagement

  • Decreased employee turnover

  • Decreased absenteeism

Final thoughts

Your employees will always be an essential part of your business as they are the heartbeat of the organisation, and it can be a challenge to identify when they are feeling low or struggling. However, you can help improve their wellbeing by implementing the points above.

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Date: 12/05/2022