Client feedback:

"My Account Manager and the whole team at CVWOW were extremely supportive, friendly and generally provided a fantastic service. "

Sarah Middleton, Talent and Resourcing Manager

Client Name: Tesco


Client Brief:

Tesco came to us because they needed to find a way to significantly reduce agency spend.  They wanted to be seen as an employer of choice and raise their profile in the online community to help generate a healthy ongoing pool of talent.

Using temporary staff was costing Tesco an additional 42% more than their average paid technician. Because they were not recruiting enough full time staff, due to spiralling agency costs, they were using an increasing number of contractors as an alternative. This was a trend that needed to be reversed due to the high costs involved.



Extra cost attributed to temporary labour

Our Approach:

We first spoke with Tesco to get a clear idea about their required skill sets. We were set the task of delivering these in a timely manner so as not to disrupt the hiring managers daily workload.

We produced adverts and placed all available roles across multiple online media platforms – such as jobsite, reed, Monster, CV library. Using our recruitment technology we could incorporate their database enabling Tesco to manage all their applications and to build pools of talent.

We screened all applications so we could send Tesco applicants that met their selection criteria and arranged interviews and hirings as well as contacting unsuccessful applicants.

We initially placed five adverts for Tesco that resulted in 432 applications, 94 suitable management candidates and 73 technically qualified service technicians. 

The results:



Saved in recruitment costs to date

By working with us, Tesco have reduced the pressures of recruiting in the field and have increased their employer brand and online exposure.

They have also seen a large reduction in temporary staff and have made an annual recruitment cost saving of £1.6m. They won the OnRec award with us in 2014 and in July 2014 they renewed their annual contract with us.

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