Workforce recruited for a start-up company in just 3 months

Client feedback:

"The Talent Hub provided an excellent level of service and candidates which enabled us to get the best team possible. We had to be mindful of costs and our targets were met, on time at a fantastic cost per head. "

Adrian Ingham. Director Yourcentre

Client Name: Yourcentre

Yourcentre Ltd approached us with a target to help them attract the 30 members of staff they initially required to launch their new start-up business.

Client Brief:

Yourcentre Ltd is a subsidiary of Regis Mutual Management. This newly formed start-up company offers bespoke customer service, sales and support to businesses across all industry sectors.

Their vision is to create a high quality, high value business working with partner clients, and to be an employer of choice in the Portsmouth/Solent area, creating a substantial number of jobs. 



Positions filled

Our Approach:

"As a start up business it was critical that we had the opportunity to choose carefully the first group of employees."
Adrian Ingram, CEO, Yourcentre

With this in mind The Talent Hub launched an extensive recruitment campaign for Yourcentre in September 2014 with a target to hire by December:

25 Sales Executives
Training Manager
Compliance Manager
CRM Database Analyst
2 Team Leaders

Fully branded advertising went live across 26 major and niche job boards. Our social media platforms were also used to further promote the roles.


The results:



Total cost of the campaign

All senior roles were successfully filled within 2 weeks. 
Initial expectations were exceeded with Yourcentre appointing 27 Sales Executives and 4 Team Leaders.

Total cost for the recruitment campaign was £3049. Based on local competition this represents a saving of around £40,000 in agency fees for this volume of talent.

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